CACTI - no green thumb needed!

… in case you hadn’t heard or seen, cacti are really having their moment, popping up in all kind of variations in the most stylish of homes.

Low-maintenance, understated and modern, these cute succulents will add a natural touch of green to your living space in an instant.

This decorative cacti collection by the spanish ceramic artist Linda Cofán for HAY will bring this cool trend into your homes without the need of a green thumb. Each cactus has their own distinctive form and unique glaze to create a beautiful and realistic finish.

Now in stock at ROOOM!

ROOOM ❤︎ Nidi

in winter the soft snow is a source of
endless adventure for the children
and also for the grownups.
chasing around and playing in the deep
snow, enjoying the cold, clean air,
finding the beauty in nature…

…and then heading back inside
to play, draw and read stories in
front of the warm fire.
Loving it just being
at home while outside
the snow keeps falling silently.

organize your rooms
in such a way that you all feel
inspired to play, to create,
to relax, to learn,
…to just feel happy to be!

one of our favourite brands is nidi.
it offers a stunning collection of beautifully
simple, considered but playful modular pieces
dedicated to kidsroom design.
The potential of the nidi range allows us to design
the perfect spaces for your youngsters. come to rooom & let us introduce you to nidi.

ROOOM ❤︎ Montana

Montana Hall Edition

The entrance hall sets the mood when guests arrive in your home. Here,
they get their first impression of who you are and how you live. Montana
Hall Edition is a series of new products designed specially for the
entrance hall. The series consists of a shoe storage box, a shoe bench,
mirror, storage, racks and rails – and they can be combined freely with
the Montana system: 36 modules, 4 depths and 42 colours.

ROOOM ❤︎ Asoral

ROOOM is the official partner for designing ASORAL, a modular furniture system especially created for kids and teens. We plan and design according to your needs and possibilities. Designing with ASORAL helps us to create and plan functionally beautiful rooms starting with the first bed and evolving as your child’s needs grow… always custom made for you!

Come to ROOOM and bring your floor plan - you’ll be surprised about the design possibilities we can offer with ASORAL.

S A L E !!!

Just in time for the holidays we are having a big sale at our concept store in Baar! Up to 30% off selected furniture & accessories! Come by and make the most of this special offers - get some fresh wind into your ROOOMS! We will be open all summer!

HAPPY cycling!

Tour de Suisse starts with a prologue through BAAR this Saturday, 11th
of June 2016. As most of the roads will be closed ROOOM will not be open
on Saturday! HAPPY cycling!

looong weekend!

Our concept store in Baar will be closed during this looong weekend. We are back on our “project tuesday”. Enjoy some nice weather, maybe a first dip in the lake, a first picnic or bbq or just some time to relax with your family and friends! 

ROOOM for great ideas!

There’s so much to see at the bottom of the world! Join a young explorer and his best friend, Mouse, on a sea journey to Antarctica, where they make new friends with penguins and a whale – and have all kinds of fun.

Young readers won’t stop grinning as they’re swept away by the strange and magical world created by Frank Viva, the bestselling author of Along a Long Road. Kids will want to circle back to the beginning - again and again. A Trip to the Bottom of the World with Mouse is loosely based on a trip Frank made to the Antarctic Peninsula a few years back. He travelled with his good friend and great photographer Paul Orenstein who graciously provided these images from their adventure. We’ve paired the photographs with some of the pages of the book they inspired.

ROOOM ❤︎ mobiles

You might have noticed that ROOOM loves mobiles. This beautiful one (created by Lovely Morning) is a great diy project for you to and your children. Just go on a walk and collect some treasures from the nature such as leaves, dried berries or feathers. The only other supplies you need are an embroidery hoop, thread and baker’s twine. No instructions needed, it is that simple.

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