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As time goes by, our children grow and life gently evolves around us.

Fours years on, ROOOM is also ready for a little change and has re-launched its website adding a few goodies like our BLOG, and some real images of our WORK with a little bit of the boring stuff like our pricing models thrown-in!

On you’ll discover or rediscover our love for living with kids in soul-soothing interiors.

our CONCEPT and our APPROACH will help you understand just how easy it is to work with us and we just love to share our passion for DETAILS, COLOUR and HUMOUR with you.


rooom cares for nepal

After the earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, killing over 8,000 people and leaving more than 250,000 without a roof above their head, the small Himalayan nation -already among the poorest in the world- desperately needs lots of helping hands. At ROOOM we carry different fairtrade brands operating in Nepal. We want to help and raise some money to donate to SOS - Kinderdorf for Nepal. So please come and support our cause!  One might think that this is just like a drop in the ocean, but it’s still a drop!

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