ROOOM ❤︎ Nidi

in winter the soft snow is a source of
endless adventure for the children
and also for the grownups.
chasing around and playing in the deep
snow, enjoying the cold, clean air,
finding the beauty in nature…

…and then heading back inside
to play, draw and read stories in
front of the warm fire.
Loving it just being
at home while outside
the snow keeps falling silently.

organize your rooms
in such a way that you all feel
inspired to play, to create,
to relax, to learn,
…to just feel happy to be!

one of our favourite brands is nidi.
it offers a stunning collection of beautifully
simple, considered but playful modular pieces
dedicated to kidsroom design.
The potential of the nidi range allows us to design
the perfect spaces for your youngsters. come to rooom & let us introduce you to nidi.

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